WCW : Jacqueline Ordonez


Jacqueline Ordonez graduated Le Cordon Bleu with an associate degree in occupational studies in patisserie and baking. She is now a baker and works in Charm City Cakes as a decorator. She also stars in the popular food network show cake masters. We sat down with the uber talented chef to find out  more about her start in the baking industry and how she landed an amazing TV opportunity.

1. Which three words describe you the best?
Happy , overachiever, hardworking.

2. What was your first experience with baking?
I didn’t have one of those life changing experiences. I just loved watching food shows and wanting to be like them. I started off by going to the grocery store and buying a cake mix box. The ones where you just have to add eggs, water, and oil.

3.You star in one of the most popular food network shows Cake masters how did you get that opportunity and what was your reaction when you found out you were going to be on the show?
Thankfully, right before I graduated, Charm City Cakes West was accepting interns at the time. I was hired to be an intern and after it was over, they liked me so much, I was hired to be part of the team. Before that, Duff Goldman has been working for the Food Network for quite some time and the Food Network gave us the opportunity to star in another cake show with him (previous one being Ace of Cakes, which I was not part of). So everything kind of just fell into place. It was a great blessing. If it wasn’t for my boss, then I don’t think I would have ever had an opportunity like this.

4. You and your team make cakes for very important people and events how do you handle the pressure and what has been your toughest project?
The key is to do your best, do it with love and be patient. I think the toughest projects are when I’m working on elements that I don’t feel I’m very good at executing. You have to challenge yourself and prove to yourself and others that you can do anything that is set in your way.

5. What was your latest “chingona” moment?
My chingona moments are the ones where I know I can did something start to finish and you’re extremely proud of it, but I guess my last BIG chingona moment was when I was on TV. Not a lot of people get to that point and knowing that I was there, and my work had a lot of air time makes me feel really proud of myself.

6. What do you think women in our generation need more of or  less of?
Women need to focus more on success and less on appearances. A woman is worth more than her body. We are intelligent creatures and can accomplish a lot more than a man can. Your future will be determined by what you are doing now.

7. What do you think is the worst thing women still face in the workforce?
Inequality, we have to work a lot harder than men and hope that
we’ll receive the same opportunities.

8. Who is the most influential woman in your life?
The most influential has to be my mom. Growing up, you don’t realize how amazing your mother is until  you’ve been put through the grinder. Now, I look back and see how hard my mom has worked to feed us, cloth us and put a roof over our heads. I have to thank her because if it wasn’t for how hard, and strict she was with her daughters then I wouldn’t be the woman I am  now. She encouraged me to stay away from danger and things that are not important as a kid when we think  they are.

My name is  Jacqueline Ordonez Wife, Baker, Pastry Chef and  I am more than a woman !
 Want to see more of Jacqueline?
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Watch Charm City Cakes on the Food Network

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